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Ancient Greek Coin, British Museum, London

This coin is the oldest human artifact I have ever held. It was part of a "hands on" exhibit that I stumbled across in the reading room of the British Museum. The very nice woman behind the table told me that a current Greek Euro coin has a similar design.

On a sad note, my D100 DIED yesterday. The mirror assembly stopped working in the middle of my daughter's high school graduation. Evidently, I am not alone with this problem, as posts on dpreview reveal.

When shooting film, I always carried two bodies, mainly so I would not run out of film at an inconvenient moment. But digital has lulled me into a single camera mode, and that was my downfall. We shoot more frames in digital than we ever did with film and this takes its toll on these newfangled cameras. The moral of the story is... ALWAYS CARRY A BACKUP.

By the way, it konked after she got her diploma, so not all was lost.


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